Ministerial Association

The Schuyler Ministerial Association is an association of Christian churches and area Christian ministries serving Schuyler.   Membership consists of clergy and community representatives.  The Ministerial Association meets monthly from September through May to promote an awareness of spiritual matters in the community, encourage greater understanding and cooperation among the churches / ministries, and to oversee the administration of the Colfax County Food Pantry.

The Colfax County Food Pantry is maintained by area churches on a rotational basis (see Food Pantry Schedule). Any person with a Colfax County permanent address may request food from the pantry by calling the scheduled church.  Items consist of canned and boxed food and toiletries; baby food, formula, and diapers (when available).  In some cases a voucher can be issued and redeemed at one of the Schuyler grocery stores for dairy, bread, meat and personal hygiene items.

Food requests are limited to one request per family in a ninety day period.

Listed below are participating churches:

  • Divine Mercy Catholic Church
  • St. John’s Lutheran Church
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Christ United Methodist Church
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