Snow Policy for the City of Schuyler, Nebraska

Kevin Colvin
1119 Fort Street
Schuyler, Nebraska 68661

The Street Department provides maintenance of all city streets, highway signs, certain traffic signal lights, and trimming and removal of trees.

Maintenance of city streets includes color striping of street lanes, snow removal, cleaning streets with street sweeper, and curb and street repair.

Snow Emergency Routes
Highway 15, 16th Street, Denver Street, B Street, 9th Street, 22nd Street, G Street and streets adjacent to the public schools/hospital.

What do crews do if there is not enough snow to plow, but the streets are icy?
During light snowfalls, and when streets are icy, street crews will spread a mixture of salt and sand on major arterials, downtown, and at intersections with traffic signals and stop signs.

When does snow removal begin?
When enough snow has accumulated (2-6″), crews begin to plow the streets.  After major streets have been plowed, work will begin on residential streets.

Which streets are cleared by the City Street Department?
The City Street Department removes snow from all streets within the City Limits of Schuyler.  These streets are plowed as often as needed to keep them clear.

When will my street be plowed?
Depending on the severity of the snowstorm, residential streets are usually plowed within 24 hours after the storm ends.  Of course, it may take longer to clear all city streets in case of a blizzard or equipment failure.

Should we move our cars from the residential streets?
During residential plowing, it is very helpful if cars are moved into the driveway or to a street that has been cleared.  Upon the removal or moving of snow, by the City of Schuyler, from streets located within the corporate limits of the City of Schuyler, and the creation of any windrows, or piles of snow left around or upon a vehicle, said vehicle must be moved within twelve (12) hours (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.) from the date of the creation of the windrow or pile of snow to a location at least 100′ from the nearest windrow located upon the portion of public right-of-way used for vehicular traffic, or to be moved upon privately owned property.

What about my alley?
All residential alleys are cleared last.

What about driveways and sidewalks?
When cleaning your street, crews have no place to push the snow except to the curb.  This creates the unavoidable problem of already cleared sidewalks and driveways becoming covered with snow.  Unfortunately, the City does not have the money or personnel to clean sidewalks and driveways.  The City Street Department asks your cooperation in removing the snow again.  We all need to work together to keep our city safe, including clearing sidewalks of snow.
The City Code further states that no person shall deposit, throw, blow, or otherwise dispose of any snow, ice, or hard packed snow on any public property, street, alley, or other public way except for the sidewalks in the downtown area. Codes 92.22 & 92.23

What about snow removal in the downtown business district?
It is not practical to try to clear the streets of snow during daytime hours due to the amount of traffic and parked vehicles.  The snow removal in the business district is usually done the night following the snowstorm.  Depending on the amount of snow, the business district is generally windrowed to the center of the streets, and hauled out.  If necessary, parallel parking is only allowed on streets that have been windrowed, until the snow has been removed.

What if my mailbox or fire hydrant becomes covered with snow?
Again, because crews have no place to put the snow, curbside mailboxes and fire hydrants may become blocked.  Since the City does not have the personnel to remove snow from the mailbox area and fire hydrants, we ask that you clear the snow from your mailbox area and fire hydrants.  The US Post Office may not deliverer your mail if your mailbox is covered in snow.

If I have an emergency, what should I do?
Call the Police Department at 911

How many lane miles does the City have to plow?
The City of Schuyler removes snow from 76 lane miles of streets.

What if I have questions about snow removal?
If you have questions, you may call 402-352-3101, or the Street Department Foreman at 402-615-0174.

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