Schuyler Public Transit, Title VI of Civil Rights Act

City of Schuyler operates a public transit program servicing the city of Schuyler, Nebraska and surrounding Colfax County.  As a condition of receiving Federal financial assistance to operate these services, the agency ensures that its programs, policies, and activities comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.  The following program details how City of Schuyler meets the Title VI requirements set forth in FTA Circular 4702.1B.

City of Schuyler is the recipient of the following FTA funds:

  • Federal Section 5311 Non-Urbanized Area Formula Grant Program
  • State of Nebraska Program 305 Operating Assistance
City of Schuyler receives Federal funding through the Nebraska Department of Roads Transit Section.  NDOR administers City of Schuyler’s FTA transit service funding and provides all Title VI program oversight for City of Schuyler.

Contact Information:

Lora Johnson
City Clerk
1103 B Street
Schuyler, NE  68661
(402) 352-3101
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